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Cargo Lift

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Product Description

 2.5ton 4m hydraulic electric warehouse material lift
Product Description

Material Lift is used for transfer cargo between different floors. Self-height is about 120-300mm. This platform can install on the ground directly or make one pit. Hydraulic drive, steady working and simple operation. 

Material Lift provides fast, efficient, convenient and safe access to or from mezzanines, balconies, basements, and between levels in multiple story buildings. They can be installed for through-floor, interior or exterior applications. The principal components of the machine include guide columns, carriage, and a mechanical or hydraulic actuating mechanism. 
You can copy above link see the freight lift how working
2500kg 4m Hydraulic Electric Warehouse Material Scissor Cargo Lift

--- Material Lift installed in the pit or the ground floor to convey the goods from one working level to another. 
--- Vertical lift indoor or outdoor is ok. With a heavy duty, safe and reliable. 
--- the vertical lift could be controlled on any floor. Control panels are available on the designated floors and one is on the lift platforms. 

Main features
1) Overload protection devices are available. 
2) Vertical lift system has the anti-drop function when any failure happens. 
3) The goods lift's hydraulic cylinder as main driving force and the heavy chain and wire rope to guarantee to lift security and stability. 
4) Hydraulic lifting system and electric hierarchical control, multi-control points at the different floors could be realized. 
5) Goods lift self-height is only 150-300mm, usually 150-300mm lift pit or no need to dig lift pit. 
6) Emergency manual valve: In case power off, the lift can be lowered by manually

Cargo lift main parameters: 
1. Platform size: 2800*2450mm
2. Loading capacity: 2500kg
3. Lifting height: 4500mm
4. Voltage: 380v 50hz 3 phase same as Bangladesh local voltage
2500kg 4m Hydraulic Electric Warehouse Material Scissor Cargo Lift

Model List
Model Capacity Lifting height Platform size Pumbstation power Working voltage
CL103 1ton 3m 2000*2500mm 3kw 380v 3phase 50hz
CL206 2ton 6m 2200*2800mm 4kw 380v 3phase 50hz
CL305 3ton 5m 2500*3000mm 4kw 380v 3phase 50hz
CL503 5ton 3m 3000*3500mm 7.5kw 380v 3phase 50hz
CL806 8ton 6m 2800*3000mm 11kw 380v 3phase 50hz
CL1006 10ton 6m 3500*5000mm 15kw 380v 3phase 50hz
All above accept customized according to customer's requirements 

Service & processing
FORU is the professional manufacturer of hydraulic lifts since 2000. Our factory covers 210, 000 square meters and has a series of modern production equipment, auto-cutting equipment, automatic equipment, automatic abrasive blasting production rust removal line. Spray paint line, automatic welding robot and so on. We have been exporting to 52 Countries. 
Welcome to visit our factory and test our machines' quality, sincerely. 
2500kg 4m Hydraulic Electric Warehouse Material Scissor Cargo Lift2500kg 4m Hydraulic Electric Warehouse Material Scissor Cargo Lift

Pre-sales service
* technical supports and suggestions before you order a machine according to your workplace. 
* all the machines will be fully tested before shipments
* view our factory. 
After-sales service
* operation manual and installation manual
* Engineers available to service machinery overseas. 
* 12 months warranty period and we will provide the consumable parts at cost price after the warranty period
* 24-hour technical support by emails, calling or videos

Packaging & Delivery
Stretch film & plywood case outside of electric cargo lift
Delivery detail: 
Shipped in 25 days after payment
2500kg 4m Hydraulic Electric Warehouse Material Scissor Cargo Lift

A Cargo lift is designed to carry cargo to upper or lower levels of your elevated home,warehouse, business or even construction sites without the need of stairs. Capable of lifting 1000 lbs of cargo to multiple levels exceeding 50' feet in height.


The Lead rail cargo lift is also named freight lift.It is made of the lift platform, guide rail, chain, and engine.When lift running, the chain drives platform up or down. The control button is all put on the ground panel, but they can be changed onto the platform or controlled by a remote controller.The model lift can be devised at the place which could not be laying a foundation in pit.We can by means of control button to control platform from one floor get to other floors freely and stop at the accurate loaction point. Lift up, stop and lower could be realized at each control point. This style lift has various kinds of types, such as vertical guides rail lift and horizontal guides rail lift, and they are different from the quantity of guide columns, such as the single column, double column, and four-column.


Without the restriction of space, they are widely used in lifting operations over large areas, such narrow space as warehouses, factories, highways and stairwell place where we could not dig pits.

The guide rail lift with flexible lifting range, large loading capacity, are compact and lightweight. The overload protection devices are available and meanwhile the lift system has the ani-drop function when any failure happens.

Power supply is from local power sources.