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Scissor lift table

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Product Description

10m 500kg FORU mechanical hydraulic scissor lift table GOOD price

Product Introduction

1. Loading capacity: 500kg

2. Lifting height: 12m

3. Lifting power: AC, (other option AC&DC, DC, Diesel available)

4. Applications: aerial installation, maintenance, clean at the construction sites, workshops, warehouse, station, hotel, airport, wharf, gas station, and stadium etc.

5. Accept customized according to the requirements
10m 500kg Foru Mechanical Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table Price



1. The equipment is mainly used to lift workers to higher places for maintenance, cleaning or installation.

2. An ideal equipment for safe operation

3. It is characterized by great loading capacity.

4. Steady ascending and descending

5. Mobile convenient, easy to work.

6. Local voltage can be customized (110V, 220V, 380V,415V)

7. Lift power: AC, DC or diesel available.

Safety protection

1. Explosion-proof valves: protect hydraulic pipe, anti-hydraulic pipe rupture

2. Spillover valve: It can prevent high pressure when the machine moves up. Adjust the pressure.

3. Emergency decline valve: it can go down when you meet an emergency.
10m 500kg Foru Mechanical Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table Price


Model List 

Model Platform Size Capacity Lifting Height Dimensions Weight Power&Voltage
MSL504 2106*830mm 500kg 4m 2250*950*1100mm 800kg 1.1kw/220v
MSL506 2106*830mm 500kg 6m 2200*950*1250mm 880kg 1.1kw/220v
MSL507 2106*830mm 500kg 7m 2200*950*1280mm 970kg 1.5kw/220v
MSL508 2106*930mm 500kg 8m 2200*1060*1380mm 1050kg 1.5kw/220v
MSL509 2106*930mm 500kg 9m 2200*1060*1500mm 1165kg 1.5kw/220v
MSL510 2106*1230mm 500kg 10m 2200*1350*1550mm 1360kg 1.5kw/220
MSL511 2106*1230mm 500kg 11m 2200*1350*1650mm 1400kg 3kw/380v/415v
MSL512 2550*1530mm 500kg 12m 2796*1670*1750mm 2260kg 3kw/380v/415v
MSL514 2812*1530mm 500kg 14m 3067*1730*1810mm 2400kg 3kw/380v/415v
MSL516 2812*1600mm 500kg 16m 3067*1810*2080mm 3500kg 3kw/380v/415v
MSL518 3070*1600mm 500kg 18m 3321*1810*2080mm 3900kg 3kw/380v/415v

Model List 2
MSL104 2100*1200 1000 4m 2200*1350*1180 1250 3kw 380v
MSL106 2100*1200 1000 6m 2200*1350*1300 1400 3kw 380v
MSL108 2100*1200 1000 8m 2200*1350*1420 1585 3kw 380v
MSL1010 2100*1200 1000 10m 2200*1350*1530 1700 3kw 380v
MSL1012 2550*1530 1000 12m 2796*1670*1750 2560 3kw 380v
MSL1014 2812*1530 1000 14m 3067*1850*1960 2765 3kw 380v
MSL1015 3070*1600 1000 15m 2250*1910*2210 5000 3kw 380v
MSL106 2100*1530 1500 6m 2200*1750*1530 1780 3kw 380v
MSL1508 2100*1530 1500 8m 2200*1750*1690 2070 3kw 380v
MSL1510 2100*1530 1500 10m 2200*1750*1850 2250 3kw 380v
MSL1512 2550*1530 1500 12m 2796*1762*1850 2900 3kw 380v
MSL1514 2816*1600 1500 14m 3045*1852*1960 3400 3kw 380v
MSL2006 2100*1530 2000 6m 2250*1750*1530 1780 5.5kw 380v
MSL2008 2100*1530 2000 8m 2200*1750*1690 2070 5.5kw 380v
MSL2010 2100*1530 2000 10m 2200*1750*1850 2250 5.5kw 380v
MSL2012 2550*1600 2000 12m 2796*1852*1954 3200 5.5kw 380v
MSL2014 2816*1600 2000 14m 3067*1852*2230 3900 5.5kw 380v
MSL2015 3070*1600 2000 15m 3350*1910*2260 5600 5.5kw 380v

All the loading capacity, lifting height, platform size can be customized according to your requirements.10m 500kg Foru Mechanical Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table Price


1) Explosion-proof lock valve to avoid a sudden drop if emergency occurs.

2) The safety rails to guarantee safety of the people above platform.

3) The limit switch system helps the lift table to stop at accurate position.

Power supply:

local power is available at the working sites(110V,220V,380V) , they also can be equipped with manual control or diesel power to meet the need where the electricity is not available.
10m 500kg Foru Mechanical Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table Price

It is widely used for the equipment installations and maintenance at the following places like construction sites workshops, warehouse, granary, bus/railway stations, hotels, airports, gas station and aerial pipeline.

Foru has more than 10 years package experience for LCL, outside packed in plywood crate; For FCL, rotated by pp film, then loaded into a container.
10m 500kg Foru Mechanical Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table Price

Video, see how it works. 

10m 500kg Foru Mechanical Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table Price