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Construction Lift

Towable Articulated boom lift is one of the most ideal aerial lift platform for both indoors and outdoors maintenance work. It's platform height is from 8m to 20m. Articulated boom lift is driven by Diesel, Gas, or Battery or confused Power. It is widely used in neighborhood unit, road light maintenance, factories high place maintenance, construction site and so on. 

Construction Lift

Innovations in Lift Technology for Construction

Power options available towable boom lift include AC (connect with electricity), DC (battery power), gasoline, diesel and 'Dual-Energy' ( for example battery & diesel or battery & gasoline), combining the benefits of two power sources on the same weight lifting machine vehicle. Towable Cherry Picker is popular for its easily moving and operation.

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Right Lift for Construction Site

Platform size, Lifting height, Capacity are  the items you need to consider.

As one of cargo lift manufacturers, we remind you to do sufficient pre-sales consultation before purchasing.