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Semi-electric forklift truck

The forklift itself is lightweight and easy to operate; High strength steel fork structure,

safe, reliable and durable; high-quality cylinders and imported seals greatly improve sealing performance and

The sturdy lifting system can meet most of the lifting requirements, and the low level control valve and overflow valve ensure the operation safety and reduce the maintenance cost.

Low level control valves and overflow valves ensure safe operation and prolong service life; the wheels are flexible and equipped with sealed bearings.

Wheels are flexible and fitted with sealed bearings, front and rear wheels are made of wear-resistant nylon; Economical, manual travelling, electric lifting

The economic model, manual travelling, electric lifting; light steering, safe and reliable operation of wide legs; compact "C" shaped portal frame; imported hydraulic pump, strong power; adjustable forged cargo

Strong power; adjustable forged forks

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