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Warehouse Lift

The guide rail cargo lift is a hydraulic lifting mechanical equipment used for lifting goods. There is no need for pits and machine rooms, and it is especially suitable for basements, warehouse transformations, new shelves, etc.

Warehouse Lift

Sustainable Warehouse Operations Through The Use of Efficient Lifts

  • Adopt advanced hydraulic guide rail system, simple and reliable operation, low failure rate. The warehouse freight elevator can be customized according to the specific space, installation adaptability, easy maintenance.

  • Our freight elevator for sale is economical and practical to help you improve your work efficiency, save labor costs and construction budgets, and create the maximum value for your investment. 

Safety Features for Warehouse Lifts

Freight elevator are made of high strength material, large load-bearing capacity and long service life. The table is made of steel plate with high quality pattern, which has good anti-skid effect.