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Outdoor Lift

Towable Articulated boom lift is one of the most ideal aerial lift platform outdoors maintenance work. Articulated boom lift is driven by Diesel, Gas, or Battery or confused Power. It is widely used in neighborhood unit, road light maintenance, factories high place maintenance, construction site and so on. 

Outdoor Lift

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Right Outdoor Lift for Your Needs

  1. Platform size

  2. Lifting height

  3. Capacity

  4. Quality evaluation of cargo lift manufacturers

Advantages and Limitations of Using Lifts in Outdoor Environments

  • Hydraulic anti-dropping lock in hydraulic oil cylinder

  • Imported sealing part: Japan "NOK"

  • Explosion-proof hydraulic tube 

  • Overflow valve to prevent overload

  • Emergency valve for manual landing in case of power failure

  • Limited operating height. Different boom aerial lifts have different working height restrictions.