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Hydraulic transport vehicle

It is the simplest, most efficient, and most common handling and transportation tool among pallet transport vehicles. It is widely used in logistics, warehouses, factories, hospitals, schools, malls, airports, sports stadiums, train stations, and airports, etc. When used in conjunction with our company's BFB system manual pallet transport vehicles, it can greatly improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity, providing businesses with opportunities to win in the competitive market.

Hydraulic transport vehicle Price


560 yuan580 yuan600 yuan620 yuan1850 yuan
Note: Does not include tax and freight.

Hydraulic transport vehicle Features


  • Platform maximum height: 1900mm 

    Manual transport vehicle, also known as manual pallet transport vehicle, When using the manual pallet transport vehicle, the forks carrying the goods are inserted into the holes of the pallet, the hydraulic system, powered by the operator, is used to lift and lower the palletized goods, And the transportation operation is carried out manually. 

  • Maximum working height: 850mm 

  • Platform working load: 2000kg/3000kg/5000kg/10000kg

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