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Industrial Cargo Lift

Our industrial cargo lift, also known as an industrial freight elevator, is a robust and reliable solution for all your heavy-duty lifting needs. 

Designed to withstand the rigors of industrial environments, our industrial cargo lifts are perfect for transporting heavy goods between floors in warehouses, factories, other industrial settings, and often serving as construction lifter machine. They are engineered for safety, efficiency, and durability, ensuring smooth operation and longevity. 

While the industrial freight elevator cost can vary depending on the specifications and features, we offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality. As an Industrial Cargo Lift& car show rotating platform manufacture, we provide wholesale options, making it an affordable solution for businesses looking to enhance their operations. Invest in our industrial cargo lift and experience a significant improvement in your workflow efficiency.

Details of Industrial Cargo Lift

TypeModelPlatform sizeLifting heightLoad capacityMotor power
Single guide railFORU 0.2-31000*1000mm3m0.2T1.5Kw
FORU 0.5-51500*1500mm5m0.5T2.2Kw
FORU 1.0-101500*1500mm10m1T3Kw
FORU 2.0-4.53000*2000mm4.5m2T4Kw
FORU 1.0-52000*1500mm5m1T3Kw
FORU 2.0-52800*1600mm5m2T4Kw
FORU 3.0-53000*2000mm5m3T4Kw
Double guide railFORU 5.0-53000*5000mm5m5T7.5Kw
FORU 2.0-82500*2000mm8m2T4Kw
FORU 2.0-102000*1500mm10m2T4Kw
FORU 3.0-122500*2000mm12m3T5.5Kw
FORU 2.0-142000*1500mm14m2T5.5Kw
FORU 2.0-162000*1600mm16m2T5.5Kw
FORU 2.0-183000*2200mm18m2T7.5Kw

Direction for install Industrial Cargo Lift

Industrial Cargo Lift 960

  1. Measure the position, and prepare an appropriate installation proposal.

  2. Construct concrete pavement and access passage.

  3. Positioning of the industrial cargo lift..

  4. Adjust the upper limit switch to the designated position as per height of the platform, check flexibility and reliability.

  5. Check the safety net during the process of descending.

  6. Test emergency stop/start button.

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