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Electric Version 35T-80T Straddle Carrier

Straddle Carrier is specially designed for handling and stacking containers and is widely used in ports, container terminals and large logistics centers. Its unique design allows it to operate across containers, allowing for efficient loading, unloading and transportation.

As a type of industrial cargo lift, straddle carrier not only improves the efficiency of container handling, but also reduces dependence on other handling equipment. It is an indispensable and important tool in modern logistics and port operations.

Technical parametersHKY3532AEVHKY6037AEVHKY8037AEV
Lifting Capacity35T60T80T
Overall Dimensions (L*W*H)7100*5100*6050mm12000*5600*6400mm12000*5900*6400mm
Effective internal width3200mm3700mm3700mm
Secondary Lifting Height1550mm1700mm1700mm
Minimum Ground Clearance240mm300mm300mm
Number of axle tires448
WeightApprox.20T (excluding spreader)Approx.35T (excluding spreader)Approx.43T (excluding spreader)
Permanent magnet synchronous motor80KW100KW120KW
Li-ion batterylithium iron phosphatelithium iron phosphatelithium iron phosphate
Traveling pump (closed travel)Linde/DanfossLinde/Danfoss
Travel speed5km-7km/h5km-7km/h3km-5km/h
Turning radius7000mm10000mm120001mm
Climbing capacity (empty/full)6%/3%6%/3%6%/3%
TiresSolid tireSolid tireSolid tire
Lifting toolAutomatic spreaderLarge SpreaderLarge Spreader

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