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FORU Lift - Custom Your Own Lift

FORU Lift - Custom Your Own Lift

We have professional spare parts centers that stock almost 2 million specialist spare parts. We promise that spare parts will be delivered within 72 hours. 

After-market Worry-free Service

We are committed to providing after-market services for custom lifts, we always stick to our responsibility and mission of handling your concerns as best we can.

Quality warranty

We grant our clients 48 month warranty for any machine purchased from us.

Whether it is a home lift or an industrial cargo lift such as double mast goods lift, we can customize it for you.

FORU - Providing High-Quality Lift Customization Service

FORU - Providing High-Quality Lift Customization Service

If you have difficulty using stairs, or use a wheelchair or mobility scooter, then a residential vertical lift is a great way to ensure that you can always safely and conveniently enter and exit your home. All of our porch lifts are designed to be completely resistant to the harshest weather conditions and are an affordable alternative to residential elevators, The height and platform size of the wheelchair elevator can be designed according to the actual lifting height and the size of the floor space.

Benefits of Lift Customization From FORU

The wheelchair lift can be customized from 1m-10m, the load capacity is 250kg, and the platform size can be customized.


If you have a special requirements for color, we can also design according to your request.


Explosion-proof lock valve to avoid a sudden drop if emergency occurs. The safety rails to guarantee safety of the people above platform.