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Vehicle Lift

Container loading ramps are widely used in terminals, stations, warehouses and other places. According to the different needs of users, as the special design in terms of dimensions, load bearing and so on. Ramps mounted on the side of the dock, and the dock floor and sides flush.

Vehicle Lift

Benefits of Vehicle Lifts for Vehicle Servicing and Maintenance

As industrial cargo lift, it can be adjustable height according to the level of automobile car, truck directly through the device into the interior of the bulk cargo handling.

Safety Standards for Vehicle Lifts

Container unloading ramps details:

  • Main-Beam: 120x60x6mm steel rectagular tube

  • Auxiliary-Beam: 100x50x4mm steel rectagular tube

  • Guardrail: 80x40x3mm steel rectagular tube

  • Platform: 5mm steel plate

  • Antiskid plate: 5mm steel mesh

  • Front lip: 12mm steel plate

  • Back tail platform: 5mm steel checkered plate

  • Tire: 500-8, Solid

  • Supporting-Leg: Domestic

  • Double Anti-Rust Primer before painting for protection.