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Stationary Loading Ramps

Stationary loading ramps is a special auxiliary equipment for loading and unloading goods. Its height adjustment function can build a bridge between the truck and the cargo, its height can be adjusted according to the different heights of the truck, forklifts and other handling vehicles. For example, stationary loading dock ramps can directly drive into the truck interior for batch loading and unloading of goods, and only one person needs to operate. And another example of the subcategory is stationary yard ramps, which can help enterprises reduce so much labor, improve work efficiency, speed up the flow of goods, and thus achieve greater economic benefits.

Details of Stationary Loading Ramps

modelBearing capacity(KG)Platform size(mm)Up lift height(mm)Downward height(mm)Fuselage weight(kg)
How do I get a quote if all models are not right for you? (Any size can be customized)
Please tell me: 1. Load capacity 2. Lifting height 3. Platform size

Features of Stationary Loading Ramps

Stationary Loading Dock Ramps

1) Thickened laminate

The table adopts special diamond mesh plate, with reliable strength, to ensure that long time use without deformation

2) High pressure pump station

3) Special hydraulic pump station, more powerful. Good sealing performance and long service life.

4) High pressure explosion-proof cylinder

Large bearing capacity, selection of high-quality oil cylinders, high-pressure explosion-proof, stable performance, and low failure rate

5) Integrated distribution box

Integrated distribution box designed in the stationary loading dock ramps, easy to operate, with stable power.

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