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Walk-behind type full electric stacker

Walk-behind type full electric stacker with a maximum rated load of 1500kg. It has a sleek overall appearance and offers convenient and flexible operation. It is cost-effective and energy-efficient, making it suitable for low-frequency, low-intensity, and short-distance handling and stacking tasks. It can meet the material handling and stacking needs of most businesses.

Walk-behind type full electric stacker Price

8,200 yuan8,700 yuan9,200 yuan9,700 yuan
Note: Does not include tax and freight.


Walk-Behind Type Full Electric Stacker vs Industrial Cargo Lift

  • Function

Pedestrian fully electric stacker: mainly used for horizontal transportation and stacking of goods, suitable for short distances and flexible operations.

Industrial cargo lift: Mainly used for vertical lifting of goods, suitable for places that require cross-floor transportation.

  • Operation method

Pedestrian fully electric stacker: a device that follows the operator on foot, suitable for small spaces and flexible operations.

Industrial freight elevator: fixed installation, the operator does not need to follow, suitable for fixed vertical transportation needs.

  • Application scenarios

Pedestrian fully electric stacker: suitable for warehouses, factories, retail and wholesale industries and other places where goods need to be frequently moved and stacked.

Industrial freight elevator: suitable for construction sites, warehouses, factories and commercial buildings where vertical transportation of goods is required.

  • Mobility

Pedestrian fully electric stacker: It has high mobility and can move freely between different working areas.

Industrial freight elevator: Fixed installation, poor mobility, but suitable for fixed vertical transportation needs.

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