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China's elevator export situation

China's share of global exports of home elevators continues to rise, and large and small home elevators are expanding simultaneously. China in 2020

The cumulative export value of home lift for sale is US$70.92 billion, accounting for 40% of global home elevator exports, ranking first in the world.

First; secondly, Germany, Thailand, Mexico, Italy, and Poland accounted for the proportion of home elevator exports respectively.

It is 7.1%, 6%, 4.6%, 4.2%, 3.9%.

China's industrial cargo lift export situation and quality situation

China's industrial cargo lift export markets are extensive, mainly including Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa and the Middle East. China-made industrial lifts occupy a certain share of these markets, especially in developing countries and emerging markets.

Through technological innovation and brand building, China's cargo lift suppliers are expected to achieve greater success in the international market.