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How to install scissor lift

Installation of stationary hydraulic scissor lifts involves several steps. Before starting, the installation technician confirms the size of the pit and conducts a level test. Once the equipment and its accessories have arrived, the installation work can begin.

Firstly, the equipment is placed into the preset pit using a forklift or a crane if necessary. It is important to ensure the equipment is secure by fixing it with a wire rope or cloth belt.

Next, the equipment is temporarily fixed with screws to allow for adjustments. Once the height, levelness, and orientation are suitable, the equipment can be formally fixed. The positioning of the elevator, oil circuit routing, and connection with the pump station must also be considered.

Lastly, the equipment's wiring is connected, including the travel switch line, control line, control box, and handle button. The equipment's oil pipe is connected to the pump station.

These steps are provided by one of the cargo lift manufacturers forulift, ensuring a proper and secure installation of the hydraulic scissor lift. Welcome to learn more info about industrial cargo lift!