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Narrow Electric Articulating Boom Lift, Precise Control Of Any Narrow Space

Advantages of Narrow Electric Articulating Boom lift:

(1) When the boom is raised or stowed, the narrow articulating boom lift has zero tail swing, making it safer for workers in the surrounding construction environment.

(2) Suitable for maintenance of narrow areas or aisles, airports, office buildings and other indoor building facilities.

(3) As a kind of articulating boom aerial platform, narrow articulating boom lift is generally about two meters in height, has strong passability, and can be easily maneuvered in narrow aisles.

(4) The short arm of about one meter has strong micro-movement, accurate construction positioning, and efficient on-site operations.

(5) The working platform is about 1 meter wide, has a single entrance, and is equipped with a self-leveling platform; the short arm can rotate 180° horizontally to expand the working range and improve on-site construction efficiency.

(6) The narrow electric articulating boom lift is equipped with a platform load sensing system to monitor the platform load in real time, making the operation safer.

(7) Equipped with a proportional controller, it can precisely control the running speed of the equipment and perform smooth and accurate positioning in crowded areas.

(8) Lightweight design, the whole parts are moved downward, good stability and low energy consumption.

Innovative Technology of Our Narrow Electric Man Lift:

Narrow electric man lift from Foru aerial lift company definitely has the right to speak in the industry. This is because we are committed to researching solutions for high-altitude operations in narrow spaces and have received high praise in the industry.

① Double parallelogram curved arm structure can realize vertical lifting with one click

② When the boom is raised or stowed, there is zero tail swing. It is safer for workers in the surrounding construction environment.

③ Rear wheel drive (DC motor), front wheel steering.

④ Standard non-marking foam filled tires

⑤ The new battery has long life, environmental performance and excellent performance in cold areas.