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What Are the Types of Scissor Lift

Mobile Scissor Lifts:

1. What are mobile scissor lifts commonly used for?

Mobile scissor lifts offer flexible movement, stable structures, and reliable lifting capabilities. They are widely employed for various tasks including mechanical and equipment installation, maintenance activities, and building maintenance in stations, wharves, bridges, halls, and indoor/outdoor factory buildings.


2. What are the types of mobile scissor lifts?

a) Trailed scissor lift: This type uses external power as traction and can be powered by either a three-phase power supply or a diesel engine. Its ability to move quickly makes it suitable for long-distance operations, particularly in industries such as petroleum, electric power, urban construction, and post & telecommunications.


b) Self-propelled scissor lift: Self-propelled scissor lifts offer fast and slow walking speeds at different working heights. Their convenient operation platforms enable continuous up and down movements, forward and backward travels, and smooth turning in the air.


The Status of Scissor Lifts in Industrial Cargo Lift

  1. Scissor lifts usually have a large carrying capacity and are suitable for handling heavy goods.

  2. Although it is a type of industrial cargo lift, it can achieve higher lifting height and greater load-bearing capacity by increasing the number of scissor layers.

  3. Made of high-strength materials, it has good durability and wear resistance, extending the service life of the equipment.

  4. Used for cargo loading, unloading and handling in airports and terminals to improve logistics efficiency.

  5. Used for cargo handling and display in supermarkets and shopping malls, providing convenient cargo lifting solutions.


Aerial scissor lift plays a crucial role in cargo transportation and aerial work. Fixed scissor lifts provide an efficient and practical solution for transporting goods between building floors, while mobile scissor lifts ensure safe and productive aerial work in different industries. Understanding the features and applications of these scissor lift variants will help businesses choose the most suitable equipment for their specific needs.