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Features of Self Propelled Scissor Lift

1. Power System

Originally imported American Trojan batteries(or Chinese brand), four groups connected in series, the battery capacity reaches 225Ah (optional 260Ah), and can be used for more than 8 hours under normal working conditions;

The body has a built-in 220V charger, and the body is equipped with a battery charging indicator light, which will automatically send out a charging completion signal when the battery is fully charged;

Configure the battery capacity and working schedule, which is convenient for users to check the battery power at any time, so as to replenish power at any time;

It can be equipped with original imported motor and motor controller, which runs smoothly without current impact, ensuring the stability and reliability of platform lifting and walking;


2. Hydraulic System

Self-propelled scissor lift adopts open hydraulic system, equipped with explosion-proof pipe device and emergency lowering switch. The improved lifting cylinder structure ensures stable system pressure and no impact. The detection error of the pressure sensor is smaller.


3. Electrical System

The lifting, walking and steering of the equipment are controlled by PLC, and the control is more precise. The protection level of the main electrical components such as the closed charger reaches IP65, the platform control cable is a 7-core cable, and the control box has a spiral cable, which is more convenient to use and disassemble;


4. Walk and Turn

The main engine has the functions of self-propelling and turning. The main engine is two-wheel drive and two-steering, and the hydraulic oil passes through the control valve block to realize the functions of lifting and steering. The road wheels use non-marking tires, which are durable, not easy to scratch the ground, not easy to stick debris and other debris, and anti-skid.


5.Control System

The lower part of the body and the working platform are equipped with operation control boxes. The chassis operation box integrates platform lifting and other functions; the upper operation box of the platform integrates platform lifting, walking and steering. The control handle is imported with original packaging, flexible and durable, and can meet the reliability requirements of the handle for frequent use in different occasions.

On the premise of ensuring safety and reliability, the product control mode and control program are optimized, and the product operation is more humanized. The indoor and outdoor working modes are common, which simplifies the operation procedure. The indoor and outdoor tilting state is 3 degrees vertically and 1.5 degrees sideways. It can work at full stroke. The vehicle can continue to run at high speed. When the pothole protection plate is not fully opened, only walking is restricted, and the platform can continue to rise, but there are sound and light alarms, which improves work efficiency. The self-propelled electric scissor lift can work while charging. After adopting a variety of technical measures to improve energy-saving technology, the product is more energy-saving and consumption-reducing.


6.Platform Capacity

The maximum carrying capacity of the self-propelled lifting platform reaches 550kg, and the platform has the function of horizontal extension, and the carrying capacity of the extended platform reaches 120kg. Ensure that the host has a high working efficiency.


7. Safety performance

The body is equipped with level switches and load cells to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel. A safety bar is installed on the fork body to ensure the safety of the maintenance personnel when repairing the machine.


1. Equipped with forklift holes and hoisting holes;

2. The main parts adopt electrophoretic coating process to ensure that the inner and outer surfaces of the parts have the same anti-rust ability;

3. The shaft sleeve of the scissor joint adopts imported special bearings with excellent lubrication performance and maintenance-free;

4. The working platform has drain holes, no water will accumulate, and patterned steel plates are used to improve the anti-skid effect;

5. The plug-in guardrail is standard, and the foldable guardrail is optional.