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Types and uses of lifts

Interior decoration often encounters a headache problem, that is, ordinary ladders are not enough! How to solve it?


The simple method is to tie two ladders, use ropes and steel bars on the top, and add a 1.2-meter rope to connect the bottom to form a simple triangular support. In this case, how about we not consider safety? It's just troublesome to move around. Furthermore, the stability is particularly poor, and workers cannot move at all when standing on it. Difficulty working at heights.

Most companies now use the safest approach: use lifts. The electric elevator has the advantages of small size, light weight, convenient movement, stable lifting, small swing, large load capacity, large platform area, excellent stability, flexible operation, and convenient implementation . For example, double mast goods lift illustrates this point well. Its light appearance can exert the highest lifting capacity in a very small space. The elevator is equipped with an emergency descending device in case of power failure, a safety device to prevent the elevator from being overloaded, a leakage protection device and a phase loss protection device, and a safety explosion-proof device to prevent the hydraulic pipeline from breaking.


Elevators are widely used in factories, hotels, buildings, shopping malls, stations, airports, stadiums, etc. It can be used for maintenance of equipment, painting and decoration, replacement of lamps, electrical appliances, cleaning and maintenance, installation and maintenance of power lines, lighting appliances, elevated pipelines, etc., high-altitude cleaning, etc. Working at heights where one person works. It can easily enter and exit common doorways and corridors, and can enter common elevators to be sent to multi-storey floors for operation; it adopts two-phase power supply as power and continuously variable speed, which makes the user's high-altitude work safer, more convenient and less noisy. It is convenient and quick to use, and it is an ideal equipment for climbing operations.


There are many types of lifts. The more commonly used ones are: mobile lifts, fixed lifts, guide rail lifts, aluminum alloy lifts, folding arm lifts, and vehicle-mounted lifts.


Mobile lifts can be divided into traction and self-propelled. The traction elevator uses a battery-driven car or a diesel-powered car as traction power, and can also be used as lifting power. The advantages of mobile aerial lift are flexible movement, simple operation, firm structure, long-distance travel resistance, stable lifting, and large load capacity. It is the best choice for outdoor work.


The self-propelled lift is derived from foreign technology. It is driven by its own battery to make the elevator move forward and backward, and it can also be used as lifting power. The self propelled electric scissor lift contains an automatic cruise system, which can be manually operated to complete the turning of the equipment. The advantages of this type of product are: flexible movement, high degree of automation, labor saving, and stable lifting. Applicable to: areas with good road conditions such as industrial parks and indoor areas.


The fixed lift is a lift installed in a fixed location, and the equipment is installed in the reserved pit for realization. Beautiful and practical, large load capacity. It can complete the transportation of goods between floors, and can also complete the feeding of materials between the height differences of the production line, the lifting of goods in the three-dimensional warehouse, and complete the loading and unloading of goods with forklifts. The advantages of fixed lifts: large load capacity, stable lifting, simple mechanism, convenient operation, etc. Widely used in: various factories, workshops, warehouses, docks, airports, stations, freight centers.


Simply put, the vehicle-mounted lift is to install the lift on a specially processed car. We stiffen the chassis of the car and install our lifts. The characteristics of this type of lift are: flexible movement, long-distance transportation, and more suitable for outdoor use. Municipal gardens, building maintenance, street lamp maintenance.


Folding arm type crank arm lift: The folding arm mobile type can perform overhanging operations, cross certain obstacles or lift at one place for multi-point operations; the platform has a large load capacity, which can be used by two or more people to work at the same time and can carry a certain amount of equipment. Equipment; the lifting platform has good mobility and is convenient to transfer the site; the appearance is beautiful, suitable for indoor and outdoor operations and storage. It is suitable for large-scale operations such as stations, docks, shopping malls, stadiums, residential properties, factories and mines.